Main definitions of ha in English

: ha1ha2Ha3


(also hah)


  • Used to express surprise, suspicion, triumph, etc.

    ‘Ha! That'll teach you!’
    • ‘Or else She will make sure they don't have power to run them anyway, hah!’
    • ‘But in case anyone gets the idea that this site is doomed to drift off into disrepair and disinterest, hah!’
    • ‘The ship leaves tomorrow, hopefully there will be no more surprises before then… hah… hopefully.’
    • ‘Agreeing that from time to time we need a bit of help from outside, we ask for the occasional ‘ah hah!’’
    • ‘This year I turn 23 in the year 2003 (2 and 3, hah!) and I was born on June 17, and when you add 6 plus 17 you get 23.’
    • ‘Easy money, though. Hah, it was an extremely silly movie, especially the skateboarding evil security expert.’
    • ‘And then I started laughing, and she looked up at me and did this very happy ‘Hah hah hah!’’
    • ‘By the way, I've been meaning to write this for about a month now, so hah!’
    • ‘They'll pore over transcripts from some news conference, looking for the two-bit money quote: ah hah!’
    • ‘Though as I write this I notice that I am changing the focus to the future in typically western style. Hah!’
    • ‘Most credit cards charge an annual interest rate of 15% or more, so another 0.25% won't make much difference, hah!’
    • ‘You can still see the swollen gland in my neck, but I think I've kicked this thing, hah!’
    • ‘My great grandfather was a hell raiser and a rum runner - hah!’
    • ‘There is no way I can keep my end of the bargain… wait… he never kept his, so hah!’
    • ‘God only knows what he would have made of crazed magicians reading numerological significance into his work, hah!’
    • ‘At least they know what goes on around the place, hah.’
    • ‘‘Ah hah,’ I said, not knowing what the hell he was talking about.’
    • ‘And they laughed when they saw me wearing my tinfoil hat, hah!’
    • ‘As a civilized man with responsibilities, of course, I cannot stray too far from my norms - hah!’


Natural utterance: first recorded in Middle English.




Main definitions of ha in English

: ha1ha2Ha3



  • Hectare(s).

Main definitions of ha in English

: ha1ha2Ha3


  • The chemical element hahnium.