Definition of h'm in English:


(also hmm)

noun & exclamation

  • variant spelling of hem, hum
    • ‘That was strange, hmm… it needs to go up outside my house.’
    • ‘I've been feeling a little… hmm, lonely isn't the word, but it's the closest thing I can come up with.’
    • ‘So how are you doing with that New Year's resolution to get thinner, hmm?’
    • ‘It's been the source of, hmm, let me see, every boyfriend I've ever had.’
    • ‘Apparently a while ago I sent one of my buddies a message talking about ‘my friend the vodka bottle’ - hmm not a great sign.’
    • ‘Why don't I just stop being so whiney and childish, hmm?’
    • ‘So when I saw this device on Thursday, $300 cheaper than it had been, I thought, hmm.’
    • ‘But then again, she did get on at Westminster… hmm, maybe it was her after all?’
    • ‘I skipped through the first two tracks, thinking, hmm, yeah, that's okay.’
    • ‘There's a section on this programme called Things that make you go hmm.’
    • ‘Let's say, hypothetically of course, that in my myth, I am… hmm, Promethea.’
    • ‘No really, that's the most exciting thing to have happened in my life since, hmm, well at least since the weekend.’
    • ‘Today I received another bill for equipment that was collected, hmm, oh about 3 months ago!’
    • ‘Well where were you when I could have used that advice, hmm?’
    • ‘In the coming weeks I may even tell you why each one makes me go hmm.’
    • ‘What does it say about the state of the tube if they have to announce that there aren't any problems on it, hmm?’
    • ‘‘Mm hmm, sounds about right,’ I answered vaguely, looking back out over the field again.’
    • ‘Now I should think about getting out to get a paper, I guess… hmm.’
    • ‘Fifteen minutes left to go on the card, so - hmm, what can I do?’
    • ‘He had failed to remember that it was Mother's Day - nice one mate. hmm.’