Definition of gyrostabilizer in English:


(British gyrostabiliser)


  • A gyroscopic device for maintaining the equilibrium of something such as a ship, aircraft, or platform.

    • ‘In addition to its primary scientific equipment, the module also carries gyrostabilizers designed to improve the stability of the entire station and reduce propellant consumption.’
    • ‘During this process no change of the operational functions of the handles of control of the gyrostabilizers for the course and the banking occur.’
    • ‘In 1913, the first gyrostabilizer, controlling pitch and yaw as well as speed and direction, was installed on the ship.’
    • ‘The sources of the gyrostabiliser and light intensifier have not yet been identified.’
    • ‘Results obtained by this method on identification of the drift of a three-degree gyrostabilizer are given.’
    • ‘The zenith of stability when shooting is going to be prone, using a gun mount and gyrostabilisers to reduce recoil.’
    • ‘His armour clankered slightly as he stepped, the gyrostabilisers kicking in with each grand step.’
    • ‘Onboard gyrostabilizers would also help in controlling flight movement in rough weather.’
    • ‘The gyrostabilizer is a weapon add-on that can be mounted on the under-barrel slot of most standard rifles.’
    • ‘The first is the gyrostabiliser arm mounted by the commander's position.’