Definition of gyrocopter in English:



  • A small, light single-seater autogiro.

    • ‘The gyrocopter is believed to have taken off from a local airfield and the identities of the deceased are due to be released today.’
    • ‘A combination of gusty weather and the relative inexperience of the pilot led to a gyrocopter going out of control and crashing, killing two men, an inquest heard.’
    • ‘A helicopter's rotor is powered but a gyrocopter's rotor is passive.’
    • ‘In the air, the car would function as a gyrocopter, using a conventional propeller to provide thrust and helicopter-style rotors for lift.’
    • ‘A gyrocopter vehicle would also be a good fit and fun to play with.’


From gyro- ‘relating to rotation’, on the pattern of helicopter.