Definition of gyratory in English:



  • Denoting or involving circular or spiral motion.

    • ‘The town council opted instead for a full gyratory system, which it wanted to see tried out for three months.’
    • ‘When he first saw her perform he was so impressed with her arm - flailing and gyratory motions that he incorporated them into his own static stage act.’
    • ‘Cultures were grown on a gyratory shaker in darkness at 221°C.’
    • ‘Traffic swirls round this nightmarish gyratory system where five major streets meet, the road up to seven lanes wide.’
    • ‘The town refused to support the plans, saying it wanted a full gyratory system tried for three months.’
    rotating, rotatory, rotational, revolving, turning, spinning, gyrating, whirling
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  • A road junction or traffic system requiring the circular movement of traffic, larger or more complex than an ordinary roundabout.

    • ‘Commenting on the longer term ideas he explained: ‘Using traffic flow models, we have looked a various gyratory systems.’’
    • ‘To keep essential traffic moving, particularly the bus services, we have to reduce the amount of traffic using the gyratory.’
    • ‘He told the inquest he was overtaken by the two vehicles on the wrong side of the road at the gyratory.’
    • ‘The atmosphere around the gyratory is already monitored because of concerns over pollution, the last thing the area needs is more traffic.’
    • ‘The incident happened in the eastbound tunnel near the gyratory.’
    crossroads, crossing, intersection, interchange, t-junction, box junction
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