Definition of gyrator in English:



  • See gyrate

    • ‘As an example, it is demonstrated the application of gyrator transform for the generation of a variety of stable modes.’
    • ‘The g parameter defines the gyrator ratio and is used to calculate the gain of the dependent sources.’
    • ‘These interesting designs, called gyrators because the simulate inductors, have transistors in the feedback loop and not what you'd find in simple active filter designs.’
    • ‘I understand only that gyrators are used to simulate inductors, and they reverse voltage.’
    • ‘This is important, because once the novelty of the naked gyrators wears off, the strip bar becomes in actuality what they're often advertised as: gentlemen's clubs.’
    • ‘Beneath this is an idealized representation of the circuit, and lowest is a gyrator circuit representation.’
    • ‘Transformers and gyrators in a bond graph model may be reduced and lead to a concise model with smaller number of elements.’
    • ‘This implementation is believed to increase the overall density, reliability, yield, signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range of the gyrator based filter and related circuitry.’
    • ‘Thus, some basic power processing functions done by the presented power gyrators are reported.’
    • ‘Transformers and gyrators are bond graph elements that can convert energy ideally, as well in one physical domain as well as between one physical domain and another.’