Definition of gyration in English:



usually gyrations
  • A rapid movement in a circle or spiral; a whirling motion:

    ‘the gyrations of the dancers' arms and legs’
    • ‘That way they'd be spared his lewd pelvic gyrations.’
    • ‘A dissenting justice speculated on the content of the message conveyed by the gyrations of strip-club performers.’
    • ‘He found an outlet for his gyrations in gymnastics.’
    • ‘In the black-and-white era with its gloriously melodic music, heroes and heroines could get away with the minimum of gyrations.’
    • ‘Pelting waist, wining, wukking up, movementations all are rhythmic gyrations of the waist popular in West Indian dance.’
    • ‘The high-speed gyrations and shrieking monkeys have been completely eliminated, with a soporific aura of mystique and discovery permeating the recording instead.’
    • ‘Instead he's playing to the girl's movements, creating an intricate pulsation of beats and cycles, hypnotized by every twirl and gyration.’
    • ‘The young women nearby give him plenty of space for his gyrations.’
    • ‘This truly dynamic duo of old-school, street style, hip-hop lyricists from Pittsburgh rocked the house with a nickel bag of attitude and lunatic gyrations to spare.’
    • ‘But, in the media's new commitment to religious sensitivity it is filled with strange intellectual gyrations like that above.’
    rotation, revolution, turning, circling, convolution, spinning, swivelling
    wheeling, whirling, pirouetting, twirling, swirling
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