Definition of gypsywort in English:


(also gipsywort)


  • A white-flowered Eurasian plant of the mint family, which grows in damp habitats.

    Lycopus europaeus, family Labiatae

    • ‘The wetter areas allow such plants as ragged robin, marsh marigold and gipsywort to flourish.’
    • ‘Aquatic and marginal plants associated with the lakes include: water mint, gipsywort, pond edge, water fogwort, branched bur-reed and yellow water lily.’
    • ‘Both bugleweed and its European cousin, gypsywort, grow in very wet areas.’
    • ‘However, it now joins list of plants recorded that are said to prefer moister soils: square-stalked St. John's wort, gipsywort, marsh thistle, greater bird's foot trefoil.’
    • ‘A brief stop at a man-made lake allowed us to see gipsywort, as well as other waterside vegetation and both yellow and white waterlilies.’


Late 18th century: so named because it was reputed to have been used by Gypsies to stain the skin brown.