Definition of gypsyish in English:


(also gipsyish)


  • See gypsy

    • ‘What results is a continent of gypsyish blues, punctuated by eclectic folk influences.’
    • ‘He blew a gypsyish tangle of dark hair from his eyes and picked up his fag from where it was perched.’
    • ‘She's the boarding school beauty famed for her gypsyish looks.’
    • ‘The band is influenced by Balkan gypsyish sounds.’
    • ‘He's a good actor but where are the dark, brooding, gypsyish good looks?’
    • ‘From its enigmatic double-stopped opening, her tone was rich and chocolatey, with a dark, somewhat reedy or woody quality that had a little Jascha coloring, something gypsyish, in it.’
    • ‘If the skirt is more casual or gypsyish, then flats are definitely the way to go.’
    • ‘Their nomadic trait has led to the adjective gypsyish, for a person who may look like a gypsy or may be a wanderer.’
    • ‘Their gypsyish zestfulness is worlds away from the strictly commercial glamour of the world of pop music: but their own glamour is all the more potent since it is the product of personality rather than publicity.’
    • ‘From his gypsyish complexion, the boy was thought to be Welsh.’