Definition of gyprock in English:



mass nounAustralian
  • A building material used for making the surfaces of interior walls, consisting of sheets of compacted plaster with a covering of thick paper; plasterboard.

    ‘there were fist-sized holes in the gyprock’
    • ‘We're one of the leading gyprock installers in Perth.’
    • ‘We are experienced and provide professional painted and gyprock services with cheap price.’
    • ‘They built between the brick and the internal gyprock wall.’
    • ‘We need someone to install gyprock for the walls of the game rooms.’
    • ‘We're looking for a labourer with some gyprock experience.’
    • ‘Tiled floors may need to be jackhammered up and gyprock walls replaced.’
    • ‘Wallpaper was coming away while the gyprock was crumbling and cracking.’
    • ‘The house is full steel frame, weatherboard outside and gyprock inside.’
    • ‘Mould has seeped its way through holes on the outside of the building and encrusted itself into the walls, gyprock and insolation that house them.’
    • ‘Under the paneling there was already gyprock screaming to be painted.’


1930s: blend of gypsum and rock.