Definition of gynoecium in English:


nounPlural gynoecia

  • The female part of a flower, consisting of one or more carpels.

    • ‘The gynoecium has three carpels united to form a compound ovary with three styles that are short when the flowers open and that elongate gradually.’
    • ‘The gynoecium consists of a single pistil that is stipitate on a disk.’
    • ‘Because valves are scored to determine the numbers of carpels present within a gynoecium, flowers with one or zero valves could affect the mean carpel number.’
    • ‘In Convolvulaceae the median plane of the flower bisects the two carpels of the gynoecium and is axillary.’
    • ‘Most hermaphroditic mutants were phenotypically similar with a mature gynoecium composed of five carpels and 10 stamens.’


Mid 19th century: modern Latin, from Greek gunaikeion ‘women's apartments’, from gunē, gunaik- ‘woman, female’ + oikos ‘house’.