Definition of gynaeceum in English:



  • A part of a building set apart for women in an ancient Greek or Roman house.

    • ‘While the king was falling on the ground, the inmates of gynaeceum wept, raising their hands in distress.’
    • ‘In their aristocratic form, gynaecea were created by the male elite and were similar to Muslim harems.’
    • ‘Women were so associated with textiles by the late Roman Empire that gynaecea (women's places) became the legal term for weaving, spinning, and dyeing establishments.’
    • ‘Above each narthex is a gynaeceum, which was for the use of women only.’
    • ‘One night, he awoke and looked at the women of his gynaeceum, asleep around him in unflattering postures - frozen in a corpselike slumber.’
    • ‘If the gynaeceum was a means of protection from the outside, male gaze, it was at the same time, a space specially designed for gaze as contemplation in silence.’


Latin, from Greek gunaikeion (see gynoecium).