Definition of gymslip in English:



  • A sleeveless belted tunic reaching from the shoulder to the knee, formerly worn by schoolgirls.

    • ‘In those days, the young students didn't wear nylon tracksuits and trainers, but gymslips and plimsolls.’
    • ‘But here is a question: ‘Does anyone know who the girl in the second row wearing the dark gymslip is?’’
    • ‘Miss Hopper was wearing her original gymslip and sash from her school in Askrigg, and had borrowed a matching blazer.’
    • ‘There's no way I'm going to do a Haslam and start wearing pigtails and gymslips and having my gloves sewn on to a piece of elastic inside my coat.’
    • ‘Her gymslip was neatly pleated over a well-developed bosom, which again was not the case with me.’