Definition of gymnospermous in English:



  • See gymnosperm

    • ‘In contrast, the interval between c.916m and 885.9Om is totally dominated by gymnospermous saccate pollen, with very few fern spores.’
    • ‘Of the 21 taxa recorded in the census 14 showed evidence of insect damage (13 out of 15 gymnospermous taxa).’
    • ‘So this is a time period where gymnospermous plants predominated, including cycadioids which look like modern cycads, and various groups of extinct conifers and seed ferns.’
    • ‘Although anatomically preserved tissue is not seen in rhizoconcretions from the Hebert beds, their similar size suggests they also may be gymnospermous, probably belonging to cordaites or pteridosperms.’
    • ‘The late Triassic showed major radiation of plants, gymnospermous groups in particular, in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.’