Definition of Guyanese in English:



  • Relating to or characteristic of Guyana or its people.

    ‘the Guyanese national team’
    • ‘The Guyanese batsman has so far played 158 Test matches having scored 11,684 runs with 30 centuries.’
    • ‘I wanted to pay tribute to this addictive and dazzling language of the Guyanese street.’
    • ‘And not only does the church do a lot of work in Guyana, but they also have a huge Guyanese membership.’
    • ‘The majority of our friends are Haitian, some are Guyanese.’
    • ‘Born and raised in London, of Guyanese and British decent, he came onto the local music scene with a conviction and presence not to be ignored.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Guyana.

    ‘ths place is celebrated in the minds of all Guyanese’
    ‘the core of the social network of the Guyanese is the family’
    • ‘The 39-year-old Guyanese of Indian origin is the eighth highest run-getter in Test cricket with 10,897 runs.’
    • ‘We have an industry that is providing jobs for tens of thousands of Guyanese.’
    • ‘Guyanese speak creole dialects of English with varying ethnic lexical imprints.’
    • ‘Many Guyanese marry persons from other Caribbean nations, or Americans of Caribbean parentage.’
    • ‘He became the youngest Guyanese ever to claim a world boxing title.’