Definition of guttering in English:



mass nounBritish
  • 1The gutters of a building.

    • ‘The guttering to the front and rear roof slopes is blocked and leaking to joints and requires clearing and an overhaul.’
    • ‘The resulting blaze almost destroyed the armour-plated double delivery doors to the building, as well as damaging windows and guttering.’
    • ‘The money is needed for repairs to the roof, high-level stonework renovation and the replacement of vital guttering.’
    • ‘Check guttering to ensure it is free of moss and leaves.’
    • ‘In the past year, lights have been ripped from their fixings, the security system has been targeted and guttering hauled from the roof.’
    • ‘Then the fine tuning of the components takes place, such as guttering for rain and snow protection.’
    • ‘Building A has no glazing or guttering, no ground floor or access to the first floor, no service fittings or internal finishes.’
    • ‘When cleaning the guttering of a bungalow, always place one's stepladders at right angles to the exterior walls.’
    • ‘Check the condition of the gutters and, for replacement, use good quality cast iron or cast aluminium guttering and downpipes.’
    • ‘Work has begun on re-slating, rebuilding chimney stacks, clearing guttering, sand-blasting, rendering and pointing.’
    • ‘He's a big lad, he can clean out your guttering without standing on a ladder’
    • ‘And, within the past few weeks, the council has spent more money on giving the home, along with others nearby, new guttering and pointing.’
    • ‘But if you're climbing up a ladder to get to your guttering make sure you take care, and get somebody to hold the ladder for you.’
    • ‘She was aware that her neighbour had previously been conned by callers who had replaced guttering and some of the roughcast on her bungalow walls.’
    • ‘A length of wooden guttering ran along the front, with a downspout at the end for disposing of rainwater.’
    • ‘At this time of year, insurers advise checking roofs for loose tiles and guttering, as well as making sure any overhanging trees are in a healthy condition.’
    • ‘Architectural fragments including stone guttering remain in the modern cemetery.’
    • ‘The lightning strike blew a crater in Margaret's front yard, cracking brickwork, smashing windows, melting guttering and water pipes and blowing up her hot water system.’
    • ‘It went up in flames very quickly, causing great damage to the front door and the guttering above, also causing a lot of smoke and flame damage to the front of the house.’
    • ‘An investigation has been launched after cast iron guttering fell from a building and struck a passer-by.’
    1. 1.1 Material used to make gutters.
      • ‘For a dwelling house, what is substantial completion is likely to entail finishing the external wall, tiling, woodwork, glazing and guttering.’
      • ‘The wood below the shingles looks warped and the guttering is gapping from it.’
      • ‘I heard it ramming itself into the hole in the guttering, felt it sink the garden, drown pale hundreds of spread sycamore hands and I knew the stream in the park had swollen to a busy tongue greedy for grass.’
      • ‘Seventy per cent of company income comes from selling metal lighting columns, with the rest from other metal products such as roofing material and guttering.’
      • ‘Replace old cast-iron guttering with a modern alternative, while weather-resistant paints can be used to improve the look.’
      • ‘Although not regarded a a major disaster by the insurance industry or local disaster managers, the hailstorm has led to a shortage of window glass and guttering.’
      • ‘The plants are grown in plastic guttering and small electric pumps feed the water through them.’
      • ‘It is understood that the group run businesses selling furniture, tools, guttering and generators and these goods were also on the site.’
      • ‘The grunts and muttered curses that penetrated to the patio from outside, along the back of the house, where Graham was labouring to fit new plastic guttering, were going on far too late in the evening.’
      • ‘They melted our plastic guttering with their flame thrower.’
      • ‘If it wasn't for the water on my face and my personalised weather now-cast scrolling on the guttering I wouldn't guess it was past midnight and raining.’
      • ‘On Friday night club staff called the police after six vandals climbed onto the roofs of the buildings at Stainton Park and began to tear up felt and guttering.’
      • ‘The presence of brick pavers, little trees and strips of guttering that actually look like private driveways also really helps.’
      • ‘The building is dark brick topped by pinky-coloured concrete block walls, white plastic-looking fascia board, black plastic guttering and an artificial slate roof.’
      • ‘Outside could be heard the creak and thud of damaged trees, and the thrashing of errant guttering and plastic garden furniture.’
      • ‘Poor-quality repairs to guttering, fascia boards and roofs are carried out quickly but expensively - with problems coming to light only after payment has been made and the trader has long gone.’
      • ‘Asbestos guttering and down-pipes in 120 homes in the Larchville area of the city do not need to be replaced and there is not danger to residents members of the City Council were told this week.’
      • ‘We eventually figured out that the problem was caused by bad guttering and some rotting wood between the roof and said gutter.’
      • ‘‘You could hear the wind roaring outside and bits of guttering or whatever flying off the hotel,’.’