Definition of gutted in English:



  • Bitterly disappointed or upset.

    ‘I know how gutted the players must feel’
    • ‘I was gutted to leave, but being based in Kent, it was a five hour drive home.’
    • ‘He didn't get into art school, and was gutted at the time, though it's all worked out lovely now.’
    • ‘But I was gutted for a second as the plane took off to realise my dad hadn't turned up at the airport to meet us.’
    • ‘Anyone who put all their funds into a technology fund as they peaked with the tax deadline must be gutted.’
    • ‘I was gutted about it, to say the least.’
    • ‘I was really gutted about loosing out but another one will be along soon!’
    • ‘My hair is a mess, for having had my hands run through it, and I'm really gutted.’
    • ‘How gutted must he have felt when he learnt his big brother had had his way with her before him.’
    • ‘I am very upset and basically gutted for Philip, his partner and two young children.’
    • ‘I would be gutted if he had to go back; it upsets me just to think about it.’
    • ‘If we think we are gutted, let's just imagine what the players must be feeling like.’
    • ‘I am well gutted to have to pull out but there will be another opportunity in two years' time and I hope to be able to sign up for that.’
    • ‘I remember phoning him on the morning when the initial squad was announced and he was absolutely gutted.’
    • ‘Another employee was also left gutted by the bombshell news and is now scouring the job market.’
    • ‘I'm feeling a bit gutted, we've wanted to marry for a while now and it's been one draw back after another.’
    • ‘I was absolutely gutted - this car was my pride and joy, like a third member of the family.’
    • ‘You're gutted if you're not involved in a league game, never mind a cup final.’
    • ‘They were gutted when they found out their efforts had been passed over.’
    • ‘Today she is gutted that she has never been invited to take part in one of the most popular reality shows on TV.’
    • ‘She was understood to be gutted after the failed audition in London and both her and mum Wendy leave in tears.’
    saddened, upset, let down, disheartened, downhearted, cast down, downcast, depressed, dispirited, discouraged, despondent, dismayed, crestfallen, distressed, chagrined
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