Definition of gutsy in English:



  • 1Having or showing courage, determination, and spirit:

    ‘her gutsy 80-year-old grandmother’
    • ‘She is a person I would describe as having gutsy determination.’
    • ‘His gutsy ten-inning pitching performance in that deciding game still stands out in Phillies' lore.’
    • ‘Lydia is such a gutsy and determined little girl, we are just glad to have been able to help her.’
    • ‘I suppose the best thing Wexford can hope for is to give a very gutsy performance.’
    • ‘Rob's strengths lay in absorbing the pressure and criticism, and in doing this well he more than proved himself courageous, gutsy and tough.’
    • ‘Her gutsy yet lustful performance made her one of the most adored actresses in Hong Kong and also brought critical acclaim.’
    • ‘To Jack, it was the great thing about the American spirit: That it was born of gutsy determination and, as with any good superhero, compassion for all.’
    • ‘As was the case with Carlow's performers last weekend, gutsy determination was in plentiful supply with participants giving their all in all competitions.’
    • ‘What the CDs cannot however capture, is the verve and the gutsy performance which is all part of the live gig.’
    • ‘Their gutsy performance was just what was needed to pull the crowd onto the floor.’
    • ‘Still, for all his apparently gentle appeal on and off the course, Donald is a determined and gutsy competitor, one who appears to be more and more comfortable in the harshest of spotlights.’
    • ‘Although both Oxford 2nd teams lost, the performances were gutsy and the pride of representing Oxford in this historic occasion shone through.’
    • ‘I knew him as a player, and he was very determined, gutsy and knew what he wanted.’
    • ‘Coming from the fringe of the electoral area, this was a gutsy performance by the Newport man who has had to fend off many heavy tackles in both his football and journalistic careers over the years.’
    • ‘They could do little else as they were facing a hammering and their gutsy performance in the last third of the match may have gone some way to mollifying the home support in the 6,000 crowd.’
    • ‘Their story, combining heart-rending drama and gutsy determination, was a natural for the big screen.’
    • ‘After losing to Argentina they did at least put in a gutsy performance against Australia in the rain.’
    • ‘She is incredibly resourceful, managing at one point to kill two men while her legs are in a state of paralysis, and in possession of a gutsy determination which enables her to travel the world in search of the people on her death list.’
    • ‘The judges praised their research skills and their gutsy and determined reporting.’
    • ‘His one-under-par 70 was a gutsy performance given he was fighting against aching legs, a bad back and a wayward three wood which prompted waves of insecurity every time he pulled that club from his bag.’
    courageous, brave, mettlesome, plucky, bold, valiant, valorous, intrepid, heroic, lionhearted, daring, fearless, daredevil, adventurous, audacious, undaunted, unflinching, unshrinking, unafraid, dauntless, indomitable, doughty, venturesome, stout-hearted, spirited
    determined, resolute, forceful, death-or-glory
    spunky, game, ballsy, have-a-go
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    1. 1.1 (of food or drink) strongly flavoured:
      ‘a smooth Bordeaux that is gutsy enough to accompany steak’
      • ‘Its organic status gave it the gutsy real flavours that chemicals never can.’
      • ‘It is medium bodied but with gutsy cherry and redcurrant flavours.’
      • ‘Roasted vegetables such as tomatoes, leeks, aubergines, and onions, with garlic and olive oil, then pounded them together to make a delicious, gutsy pasta sauce?’
      • ‘The food is gutsy and unpretentious, and recipes such as squid stuffed with raisins and pine kernels, or polenta and Seville orange cake, certainly do it for me.’
      • ‘And beer is an entirely credible ingredient for the kinds of gutsy, hearty dishes that are traditional accompaniments to football viewing.’
      • ‘Very smooth and drinkable on its own, but its rich damson and blackcurrant flavours make it ideal with gutsy food.’
      • ‘The very best have multi-layered complexity and can complement many dishes, ranging from fishy starters and gutsy main courses to sweet, creamy desserts.’
      • ‘This consisted of potato and chive cake with mushroom, egg and a gutsy tomato relish served with toast and tea for €6.’
      • ‘Tapas bars are proliferating because they serve up a wide variety of flexible, unpretentious, gutsy food and modest bills.’
      • ‘After all, if you're venturing into the wilds for a picnic, the food should be suitably gutsy and bursting with flavour.’
      • ‘Everything that you can eat or drink here is from the same little terroir - the gutsy Cahors wine, the tender magret de canard with pommes sarladaises, even our old friends the boudins aux chataignes.’
      • ‘Both were packed with gutsy flavour but while my partner pronounced himself well-pleased with his choice, my soup could have done with being a little hotter than lukewarm.’
      • ‘It offers a wide variety of food, some of which is gutsy but all of which is great quality.’
      • ‘Offering a wide variety of flexible, unpretentious, gutsy food with modest bills, it's affordable and fun.’
      • ‘The soft fish was well contrasted with marinated, crunchy green beans, dried tomato and baby spinach in a gutsy dressing.’
      • ‘More memorable, however, is the gutsy food, cooked to order and served at a relaxed pace.’
      • ‘Notes of blackcurrant leaves, vanilla and spice sit on top of a spiky acidity that, while it could break up rich sauces and complement gutsy food, on its own is hard to tolerate on the finish.’
      • ‘It's firm, white flesh is so meaty it works well with strong, gutsy flavours and is ideal for stews and salads.’
      • ‘Being in Italy, the students have an opportunity to get a real feel and vibe for gutsy food!’
      • ‘It has all the gutsy flavours you would want in a meal for such an occasion and a great way to feed a crowd who are more interested in watching the box!’
  • 2Greedy.

    gluttonous, ravenous, ravening, voracious, gourmandizing, gourmand, intemperate, self-indulgent, insatiable, insatiate, wolfish, gannet-like
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