Definition of gutbucket in English:



North American
  • as modifier (of jazz or blues) raw and spirited in style.

    ‘his gutbucket guitar solos’
    • ‘I wanted gutbucket white and black, but I didn't want country, as such, because the Grand Ole Opry was doing great.’
    • ‘The material ranges from the sweet, Cubanesque groove of ‘Los Cocineros’ to a romp through ‘Old MacDonald had a Farm’, which gives Valente plenty of opportunity for his trademark gutbucket ebullience.’
    • ‘Other highlights include the psychotramatic lullaby of ‘The Talk of Creatures’, the literally glass-shattering gutbucket blues of ‘The Coming of the Crow’, and the Martian Beatles doo-wop of ‘The Simple Song’.’
    • ‘‘Hallo Men,’ however, was left off 71 Minutes due to space considerations, so its tripped-out gutbucket funk was prematurely hidden from the ears of 21st Century fans.’
    • ‘The rawness of these recordings suits the band perfectly, capturing the slide guitar in particular in its gutbucket glory.’
    • ‘In the course of a single song, he can go from soaring a cappella vocals to Bobby McFerrin-esque vocal ticks to gutbucket blues.’
    • ‘But it's the gutbucket grooves supplied by Rochfords drums and bassist Tom Herbert that really get you in the chest, going like the clappers on ‘Your Eyes The Sea’ while the horns give it both barrels.’
    • ‘Bruce wrote and sang all of Cream's toughest material - White Room, Sunshine Of Your Love - with a voice as angelically strung-out as Jeff Buckley and as gutbucket dirty as a 100 year-old-blues preacher.’
    • ‘His critics presumably won't listen to the rest of the disc, but they're missing a vibrant, rejuvenated Earle, who grabs fistfuls of Tex-Mex, rock 'n' roll and gutbucket blues and subjects them to a shed-load of studio wizardry.’
    • ‘This thing fits in so well with the Goner aesthetic you'd have thunk that Eric himself played in the band - it's rollicking, R & B-driven gutbucket rock and roll, perfect for a Saturday night beer stomp where only 40 oz. specials are served.’
    • ‘For the 1994 film Jason's Lyric, while he was still a member of Jodeci, he hit the studio with James Mtume behind the boards to tackle Bobby Womack's gutbucket classic ‘If You Think You're Lonely Now.’’
    • ‘Skidmore has long acknowledged his debt to John Coltrane, but he tempers the sheets of sound approach with passages of gutbucket bluesiness, recalling his tenure with John Mayall.’


Early 20th century: perhaps from the earlier denotation of a one-stringed plucked instrument, with reference to its construction, or referring to the bucket that caught gutterings (streams of liquid) from beer barrels in low-class saloons where such music was played.