Definition of gut flora in English:

gut flora

plural noun

  • another term for intestinal flora
    • ‘It may also be due to the differences in gut flora and consequent metabolites.’
    • ‘It is well accepted that nursing infants have a much richer gut flora than do bottle-fed infants, particularly with Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli.’
    • ‘The mainstay of treatment for hepatic encephalopathy is lactulose and alteration of gut flora.’
    • ‘A remote possibility exists that the child will experience an allergic reaction to the antibiotic or develop diarrhea caused by changes in gut flora.’
    • ‘Harvey's approach involves colonizing young pigs' intestinal tracts with a mixture of commensal bacteria, obtained from other pigs, that help establish a healthy gut flora much more quickly than would otherwise occur.’
    • ‘Antibiotic use leads to unbalanced intestinal flora that contributes to leaky bowel syndrome. Probiotics may restore pH and gut flora to a healthier environment.’
    • ‘The biological model that has been used to explain this observation involves disruption of the antigcnic influences of the developing gut flora in postnatal life, with a resulting failure of maturation of immune responses.’
    • ‘Medications that change gut flora or malabsorption secondary to gastrointestinal diseases may also contribute to the development of diarrhea.’
    • ‘It has a growth temperature of 37°C, rapidly colonises the bowel, does not alter the normal gut flora, and is cleared from the colon after treatment is discontinued.’
    • ‘This review will focus exclusively on the interactions of antibiotics, stress, and diet with the gut flora.’
    • ‘However, their role in the pathogenesis of diarrhoea is still debated because most of them are considered to be usual commensal bacteria of the gut flora.’
    • ‘She was eating chocolates while she was working, so she got a big sugar load and then had thrush, then went on antibiotics, that altered the gut flora, allowed in anaerobic organisms, yeasts proliferated, and there you are.’
    • ‘However, unmeasured factors such as phloem quality, gut flora, genetics, or length of feeding could also influence lipid levels.’
    • ‘Positive rectal cultures are of doubtful clinical relevance since GBS is normally present in the gut flora.’
    • ‘On the flip-side, roaches of the wood-eating genus Cryptocercus have many termite-like features, including obligate gut flora and parental care of nymphs.’
    • ‘Painful infections result when benign gut flora, such as E. coli, find their way to the urinary tract.’
    • ‘I found that milk products destroy the natural migration of B12-producing gut flora to an era where it is absorbed by the body.’
    • ‘It's either the gut flora or it's something that's learned from the parent koala, so therefore the younger koala when they are growing up they don't recognise the taste of another variety.’
    • ‘The authors aren't sure how, but it's possible that rifaximin stays in the small bowel, killing pathogens, without affecting gut flora further down.’
    • ‘They are immunomodulating bacteria that have very low virulence compared with the more pathogenic gut flora such as Escherichia coli and clostridia.’