Definition of gut check in English:

gut check


North American
  • An evaluation or test of a person's resolve, commitment, or priorities, typically with respect to a particular course of action.

    ‘the gut check came when he found himself facing a tiebreaker in the third set’
    ‘it was time for a gut check after all the professional advice’
    • ‘It's easy to pour massive amounts of resources into something that seems cool without doing the proper sort of gut check.’
    • ‘We need a gut check in this country because most middle class Americans are tired of paying all of the taxes.’
    • ‘On the domestic side, he rose to the occasion when there was a gut check on health care.’
    • ‘We need a process that maximizes our time and gives us a gut check.’
    • ‘Competing today comes down to a leadership gut check, where the first order of business is to admit that the boom-time 1990s were a once-a-century aberration.’
    • ‘I think each one of us on the plane really got a gut check, whether we wanted it or not.’
    • ‘Riding down the steps of this bridge on the return is something of a gut check.’
    • ‘It comes down to a simple gut check: you either love what you do or you don't.’
    • ‘Oddly, when the going gets tough, most companies don't do a gut check and rededicate themselves to service.’
    • ‘The Ryder Cup is the ultimate gut check in sports.’
    • ‘When they're beaten, people who want to be the best give themselves a gut check.’
    • ‘No gut check needed, I was prepared to suffer and suffer well, whether it be at the back or at the front.’
    • ‘Candidates really need to do a gut check to see if the industry is really for them.’