Definition of gusty in English:



  • 1Characterized by or blowing in gusts.

    ‘gusty winds’
    • ‘The wind on the ground was gusty and blowing in excess of 25 mph.’
    • ‘Friday night's gusty winds blew on through Saturday and matured into a full-blown storm as Britain slept last night - or rather, as Britain tried to sleep.’
    • ‘The Namibian coast experienced abnormally cold weather conditions the past three months with strong winds, gusty seas and out of season thunderstorms over the central and southern coast.’
    • ‘As summer fades into memory and gusty autumn winds dissuade all but the keenest from picking up a racket, why not improve your game in warmer climes?’
    • ‘The wind was gusty yesterday, kicking up a lot of dust.’
    • ‘Strong gusty winds made for exciting racing in the third race of the Killington Sailing Association's winter series.’
    • ‘By studying clouds you can often tell which direction the winds at that particular level are blowing from and you can tell whether they are gusty or steady winds.’
    • ‘The winds are notoriously gusty and unpredictable on Uluru, and the local helicopter services provide us with continual updates so that we can make quality assessments.’
    • ‘The Category 3 hurricane blew ashore near San Fernando, Mexico, bringing heavy wind and gusty winds to south Texas.’
    • ‘Late on the morning of 8 February 1983 a strong, but dry, cold front began crossing Victoria, preceded by hot, gusty northerly winds.’
    • ‘Yesterday it was gusty, today it blew all the time.’
    • ‘Accuracy testing was complicated by the heavy trigger pull, substantial recoil and a strong, gusty wind blowing from right to left.’
    • ‘It is a video of an empty plastic bag dancing in the street, blown here and there by the gusty winds of an approaching storm.’
    • ‘Except when I was there the mistral - a heavy, gusty wind - blew five days running.’
    • ‘The month got off to a cold and gusty start as strong winds battered the Swindon area.’
    • ‘On one occasion in early September, I witnessed drooping of the leaves when a sudden summer shower with gusty winds and a brief, but heavy downpour occurred.’
    • ‘So watch for those gusty winds and some heavy downpours as well.’
    • ‘Tudor felt that being the lightest of the four finalists was more of a disadvantage if anything, given the gusty off-shore wind that was blowing.’
    • ‘Ten long months of organisation have gone into the three-day festival and there was disappointment when Saturday's gusty winds forced the big parade inside.’
    • ‘The heavy downpours, which began around 4 am yesterday, were accompanied by gusty winds, thunder and lightning.’
    blustery, breezy, windy, squally, gusting, blustering
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  • 2Having or showing gusto.

    ‘gusty female vocals’
    • ‘To allow critical comments from listeners and Negus on the ABC this morning was a good gusty move by Catterns.’