Definition of gustatory in English:


Pronunciation /ɡʌˈsteɪt(ə)ri//ˈɡʌstət(ə)ri/


  • Concerned with tasting or the sense of taste.

    ‘gustatory delights’
    • ‘However, there is still controversy as to whether combination of these four primary tastes adequately describes all gustatory experiences.’
    • ‘That way you get the full-on olfactory experience of breakfast (which would get you out of bed), and you also get the full-on gustatory experience when you're drinking your coffee.’
    • ‘Recently, however, two of the city's most venerable gustatory landmarks, P.J. Clarke's and the main dining room at the Carlyle Hotel, have attempted to buck this immutable trend.’
    • ‘Such a sense of the right taste often though not always produces a gustatory conservatism.’
    • ‘The gustatory sense organs in higher vertebrates are limited to the cavity of the mouth.’
    • ‘The cafeteria should be a masterpiece of gustatory serenity - there is no reason to expect anything less.’
    • ‘And indeed, judging by the guest's drooling, lip-smacking and eye-rolling, he finds this Camembert something out of the world, beyond all his gustatory experience.’
    • ‘Hunger could have an effect on the tongue's taste receptors, or on how the brain perceives gustatory information.’
    • ‘Look beyond such gustatory delights, and you'll find there's also plenty of history here.’
    • ‘Fat and sweetening agents were eventually introduced to the mix, which may have compromised the dough's shelf life but certainly enhanced its gustatory appeal.’
    • ‘I'm not entirely sure why other food products like beef and sweet corn have been exempt so far, but I suspect that the reasons are mainly economic and social rather than gustatory.’
    • ‘And of course, there were the dishes prepared within a 60-minute time limit - the gustatory works of art created looked every bit as appetizing as I imagine they tasted.’
    • ‘There are two primary forms of chemoreceptors: gustatory and olfactory, which are responsible for the senses of taste and smell.’
    • ‘Imagery should involve as many of the five senses - auditory, olfactory, tactile, gustatory and kinesthetic - as possible.’
    • ‘Other work from the Jeffery lab suggests that the expanding genes are responsible for an increase in jaw size and the number of gustatory receptors.’
    • ‘Olfactory or smell nerve cells are stimulated by the odors around us, whereas gustatory or taste cells react to food and beverages.’
    • ‘Pollan embarks on a philosophical and gustatory road-trip across the spectrum of modern eating.’
    • ‘Still, is it not beneath our dignity to indulge in gustatory delights to the extent that we appear to be more concerned about stimulating our tongues and stomachs than our brains?’
    • ‘Too often we are so distracted by the myriad restaurants and products available to us - and the gustatory experience they promise - that we don't notice the real Chef behind the banquet.’
    • ‘I regarded the wretched, debauched souls around me downing their chocolate chip cookies and fries as mere animals reduced to satisfying gustatory lusts.’