Definition of gush in English:



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  • 1with adverbial of direction (of a liquid) flow out of something in a rapid and plentiful stream.

    ‘water gushed out of the washing machine’
    • ‘I hesitantly stepped into the kitchen, fully expecting to see the water gushing out from a crack in the ceiling.’
    • ‘Water gushed out of four swimming pools at a Glasgow leisure centre and dozens of people were evacuated after a pipe burst yesterday.’
    • ‘Water gushed out, and the community and their livestock drank.’
    • ‘Water gushed out of it, trickling down and mixing with the sweat across his face.’
    • ‘It is thought that it was they who first controlled the famous Fontaine Chaude, with its waters gushing out at a constant 64°C, that now stands in the centre of the town.’
    • ‘Troops fired at water tanks and water gushed out.’
    • ‘Water gushed out from it and she splashed it over her face, savouring the coolness.’
    • ‘It was a cold morning and Ana shivered as the icy cold water gushed out of the water pump.’
    • ‘One can see nature at its best - greenery, farm animals and birds crossing the roads, farmers, harvested paddy being dried on the roads and water gushing out of pumpsets and a lot more.’
    • ‘Water gushed out of the top floors of the building.’
    • ‘Water gushed out of pipes; burning gas flared into the sky; the bombed transformers cut the electricity of the district; a school and a hospital were also hit.’
    • ‘I step outside to take a look and see that the downspout is clogged and water is gushing out of the gutter.’
    • ‘The burst main in Market Street sent water gushing out on to the road in Low Street and into nearby businesses on Wednesday.’
    • ‘Two days later it was holed and drifting landwards with oil gushing out of its tanks.’
    • ‘When I visit America, I see water gushing out of taps, left open while people chat.’
    • ‘Then a whole spray of water suddenly gushed out at me.’
    • ‘He opened the rock, and the waters gushed out; they ran in the dry places like a river.’
    • ‘This caused a pipe to burst behind the toilet and water began gushing out with enough pressure to pin the stall door shut.’
    • ‘There was water gushing out of the stage door and I wondered what on earth was happening in there.’
    • ‘Water gushed out of the ruptured pavement and poured through people's front doors as families desperately used towels and carpets to stop the water creeping in.’
    surge, burst, spout, spurt, jet, stream, rush, pour, spill, well out, cascade, flood
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    1. 1.1with object and adverbial of direction Discharge (liquid) in a rapid and plentiful stream.
      ‘the tanker began to gush oil from its damaged hull’
      • ‘A timed fountain gushes water in changing patterns; it looks almost as though the water were dancing.’
      • ‘Other complaints include a pipe gushing water for a year; no security lights and uneven paving.’
      • ‘The trouble started last Wednesday when we got home to find the overflow pipe gushing water from the side of the house.’
      send out, pour, release, eject, emit, let out, void, issue, dispense, give off, exude, excrete, ooze, leak, jet
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  • 2Speak or write effusively or with exaggerated enthusiasm.

    ‘everyone came up to me and gushed about how lucky I was’
    • ‘They gushed enthusiastically about the landscape and then sniggered strangely and asked if we realised the inhabitants there had two heads.’
    • ‘I don't really no idea what else to write as all I can do is gush about how great a time I had and how happy it made me.’
    • ‘I mean there hasn't been a review that hasn't gushed with enthusiasm?’
    • ‘Without gushing about Zeke or raving about Brant, I cut straight to the point.’
    • ‘Sarah gushed with the utmost amount of enthusiasm.’
    • ‘Yea, there was the occasional girl at work that tried to be my friend and gush about boys, but they soon learned that wasn't my cup of tea.’
    • ‘On their website these groups gush with enthusiasm about turning Iraq into another Vietnam for the USA.’
    • ‘Still nobody opens the door to gush enthusiastically all over me about being their secret admirer and bringing them flowers.’
    • ‘Then they both gush about how it's going to be great fun and will be all slumber parties and makeup while eyeing each other viciously.’
    • ‘Johnny, they might have given you a heads up that I might turn into a crazy fan here and just gush for a few minutes.’
    • ‘When I write a positive review, I don't just gush about how much I loved the story.’
    • ‘In the meantime, we listen to friends or family gush about their Caribbean cruise or Disneyland adventure’
    • ‘So he engaged in a literary crusade to bring it back to the public eye and accomplished his goal after gushing about it in an article he wrote for Harper's in '96.’
    • ‘Some of them could barely speak, and others couldn't stop gushing about you, and about Buffy.’
    • ‘From the way she spoke and gushed to him, Brett had to wonder if she had actually read anything he had written at all, or if she had understood it.’
    • ‘When she left, she didn't gush enthusiastically about seeing us next time.’
    • ‘Curiously, the one show he won't gush enthusiastically about is his own funeral.’
    • ‘That was back in the day when I used to gush of course.’
    • ‘Cohen especially had the charisma turned on at full blast, pausing before the songs to chat with audience members, tell stories, or just gush with thanks over so many people showing up to support them.’
    • ‘They both gush about how blessed and lucky they are.’
    enthuse, over-enthuse, be enthusiastic, be effusive, effuse
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  • 1A rapid and plentiful stream or burst of something.

    ‘a gush of blood’
    • ‘He had his back towards the wall when a sudden gush of wind smashed the scaffolding onto the wall.’
    • ‘Eadie said just before 2 pm, as she was about to prepare a late lunch, she looked out the back door and called out to her mother, pensioner Millie, only to see the gushes of water and slush cascading from the neighbour's yard.’
    • ‘He thought as he twisted the nozzle, forcing gushes of water at his quickly whitening skin.’
    • ‘The grass tapped lightly on their legs as they passed, the breeze blew against them in cool gushes, and their spirits were high.’
    • ‘Police kept guard to prevent people from returning, warning that deadly gushes of water could surge down from the mountains as blockages of debris and mud give way.’
    • ‘Return swipes came at him, along with gushes of flame emitted from the monsters' skin.’
    • ‘Joey had his hands stuffed into his pockets and his breaths became visible gushes of steam.’
    • ‘Yet in between these gushes sit tranquil pools which brim with icy, sweet-tasting mountain water.’
    • ‘He observed regular gushes of blood from a cut in the apex of the heart after ventricular contractions ceased but atrial contractions persisted.’
    • ‘Opening his mouth, Peter took greedy gulps of it, allowing the cool gushes of water to douse his parched throat.’
    • ‘Water poured in the car in steady gushes and mingled with the blood on my face, melting it into one horrific red mask.’
    • ‘Then their soaring voices mimic the sounds of natural ‘things’ - hisses, chirps and gushes.’
    • ‘I let out a deep gush of air.’
    • ‘I lifted up my hand to fell my head to see if I was bleeding and I was amazed to see gushes of blood on the sidewalk and on my head.’
    • ‘Legend told that once every thousand years, the volcanoes would erupt and spew out gushes of burning fire that would scorch everything in its path and so, two thousand years ago, had formed the Borrac Sea.’
    • ‘As I sat on the large animal skinned passenger seat and buckled myself up, Zachary, still silent, revved the car engine up, stiffly jerking the heater switch on, gushes of cold, unwarmed air blowing in our faces.’
    • ‘He reared back, howling in pain, one hand frantically trying to stifle the sudden gush of blood.’
    • ‘The super-manoeuvrable dive boat takes us almost underneath two of the Sound's most irrepressible falls, great gushes of icy mountain water crashing down with frightening noise and power.’
    • ‘My breath is coming out in heavy gushes and I know it's fanning my son's little face.’
    • ‘But on this ride, I notice that at nearly every station there's some kind of cleaning happening: great gushes of water pour from the outlets onto the track.’
    surge, stream, spurt, jet, spout, outpouring, outflow, burst, rush, cascade, flood, torrent, sweep
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  • 2mass noun Effusiveness or exaggerated enthusiasm.

    • ‘I am starting to feel a worrying amount of gush coming up.’
    • ‘Fetchingly clad in a scarlet trouser suit, Dallas launches into the songs with the minimum of fuss and gush: her business is to deliver the number.’
    • ‘This book is an appropriately lavish celebration, but less gush would have improved it.’
    • ‘Still, the sheer amount of luvvy gush is surprising.’
    • ‘Even genial mockery largely dried up for a while, replaced by an unprecedented flood of patriotic gush and mush.’
    • ‘Oh, here it comes - that sentimental gush about parents and their children, right?’
    • ‘I'm too gushy in a country, in a city, where they hate gush.’
    • ‘Australians are quick to spot the bull and wary of gush, and this is reflected in the way they speak.’
    • ‘All in all, it's a bit directionless - in a bid to have something for everyone they seem to have just trotted out a conservative selection of mid-market gush.’
    outburst, outpouring, stream of words, flow of speech
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Late Middle English: probably imitative.