Definition of Gurmukhi in English:



mass noun
  • 1The script used by Sikhs for writing Punjabi.

    • ‘‘In parts of East Punjab, the script used by traders, which later came to be known as Gurmukhi, held sway,’ Dr Bhutta explained.’
    • ‘The letter E in the Sikh script, Gurmukhi, is pronounced Ong and signifies the first intimations of the Divinity to the human mind.’
    • ‘Curiously, Gurmukhi is the original script of the Punjabi language which is spoken by nearly 7 crore people of Western Punjab, the most dominant province of Pakistan.’
    1. 1.1 The Punjabi language as written in Gurmukhi.
      • ‘A Granthi must be fluent in reading Gurmukhi, and be properly trained in all aspects of looking after the Guru Granth Sahib.’
      • ‘English is my main language of preference although I can speak Punjabi and read Gurmukhi.’
      • ‘The languages on offer include Malyalam, Gujarati, Hindi, Gurmukhi, Tamil and Bengali.’
      • ‘A thirst for knowledge may well be created, and some individuals may go on to study Punjabi and Gurmukhi.’
      • ‘For the first time, Sikh community calligraphers joined Japanese calligraphers in writing messages of Peace and Friendship in Gurmukhi on beautiful Japanese lanterns.’


  • Relating to Gurmukhi.


Punjabi, from Sanskrit guru (see guru) + mukha ‘mouth’.