Definition of Gurkhali in English:


(also Gorkhali)


  • another term for Nepali (the language)
    • ‘When Lumley's parents wanted to talk privately, they would speak very fast, her mother conversing in Urdu and her father, a Gurkha, answering in Gurkhali.’
    • ‘He gained and held the affection and admiration of his men with whom he could converse in their own language, be it English, Urdu, or Gurkhali: they called him ‘Uncle Bill’.’
    • ‘After conquering much of the territory that constitutes modern Nepal, King Prithvi Narayan Shah established Gorkhali as the national language.’
    • ‘Nepali (also known as Gorkhali) is spoken by 58 percent of the population and is the country's official language.’
    • ‘As Indian language based systems are crucial for impact of IT at the grass root level, it was decided that the government would actively promote broad based use of software tools in Bengali, Nepali/Gorkhali and other local languages.’