Definition of gurk in English:



[no object]informal
  • Emit a belch.

    ‘they grunted and gurked with an unconcern that amazed me’
    • ‘He smiled right down to his tonsils, gurked and patted the belly of the second woman with flat hand.’
    • ‘She spat the meat into her fingers and on to the table without using a fork. She gurked, and farted.’
    • ‘the Instructress fell back in disorder when I came bellying up to her, whining and waving my hands and gurking out great poisonous gusts of garlic.’
    • ‘He ate for an hour without stopping, then finally gurked several times from the very bottom of his satisfied stomach.’
    • ‘We trooped back to the stable, where Brinny was still gurking fiercely.’
    bring up wind
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  • A belch.

    ‘the silence was broken by a shattering gurk from Elspeth Paula’
    • ‘The surging turned out to be a huge gurk.’
    • ‘A sea lion let out a loud 'gurk' as it gulped down its dinner.’
    • ‘He began to say grace with a gurk, and his guts grumbled.’
    burp, gurk
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Early 20th century: imitative.