Definition of Gunter's chain in English:

Gunter's chain


  • 1A former measuring instrument 66 ft (20.1 m) long, subdivided into 100 links, each of which is a short section of wire connected to the next link by a loop.

    • ‘He also invented Gunter's chain which was 22 yards long with 100 links.’
    • ‘These lines all derive from the US Public Land Survey which began on 30 September 1785 when Thomas Hutchins, first Geographer of the United States, unrolled a 22 yard Gunter's chain on the west bank of the Ohio river.’
    1. 1.1 A measure of length equivalent to a Gunter's chain, equal to 1/10 furlong or 1/80 mile.
      Also called chain


Late 17th century: named after Edmund Gunter (1581–1626), the English mathematician who devised it.


Gunter's chain