Definition of gunsmith in English:



  • A person who makes, sells, and repairs small firearms.

    • ‘If there is a shortage of iron per say, then a gunsmith might not be able to meet the demand for fire-arms.’
    • ‘Take gun-making: in the early part of the century, gunsmiths custom-made muskets to the specs of each buyer.’
    • ‘These ranged from gunsmiths to locksmiths, farriers, nailmakers, hoop makers, and shipsmiths.’
    • ‘Today there are at least a dozen gunsmiths producing beautiful custom revolvers having the same combination of artistic and mechanical talents so necessary for everything to come together perfectly.’
    • ‘The FCA has negative implications for firearm owners, the tourism industry, the film industry, firearm dealers, gunsmiths, and the private security industry.’
    • ‘In addition to blasting gunk and feathers and other surprises out of firearms, gunsmiths routinely uncover hunters' hasty mistakes during major gun surgery.’
    • ‘The gunsmith also believes a ban on imitation firearms and air pistols would only have an impact on respectable sports fans and have no effect on criminals.’
    • ‘His grandfather was a gunsmith who stimulated his interest in firearms at an early age.’
    • ‘In 1999 I faxed that letter about sniping to some gunsmiths in London.’
    • ‘Not only do we have the best firearms, we also have the best gunsmiths today.’
    • ‘If the hammer falls, a trip to the gunsmith is in order and the repair bill is not likely to be small.’
    • ‘It was not until the end of the colonial period that any sort of market existed to justify the regular importation of firearms by merchants, or their production by the few gunsmiths scattered through North America.’
    • ‘My father is a gunsmith, and I was raised in a house with firearms.’
    • ‘If the gunsmiths like a product, Reid puts it into his inventory.’
    • ‘The thieves gained entry to the gunsmiths by breaking into the New China Palace take-away next door and then smashing their way through the adjoining brick wall.’
    • ‘They were gunsmiths and they are expecting a busy time ahead.’
    • ‘Private gunsmiths produced this pattern under contract to the British military in the 1750s.’
    • ‘I talked to the government, firearms dealers and gunsmiths, and read page after page of the rules and regulations that govern firearms shipping in the United States.’
    • ‘The effect this is having on small gunsmiths who make their living on the repair and customizing of guns is incalculable.’
    • ‘If you look at the Government Model pistols sold by custom gunsmiths and some major manufacturers, you'll find that most of them come with a full length guide rod installed.’