Definition of gunsight in English:



  • A device on a gun that enables it to be aimed accurately.

    • ‘It is, without a doubt, the sexiest of all optical gunsights.’
    • ‘The gunner virtually always sees the target directly through the gunsight or other sighting devices.’
    • ‘He knew exactly how and where to aim his weapon, was an excellent judge of distance, and had long since taught himself to watch the front sight and squeeze the trigger when a living thing was in his gunsights.’
    • ‘But whether we avoid war for the moment or not, this military machine will keep fixing more targets around the globe in its gunsights.’
    • ‘Everything from napalm components to green berets, from gunsights to whiskey, from radio relays to rocket warheads, were provisioned.’
    • ‘They know they are in globalization's gunsights.’
    • ‘And in service to that agenda, they've even got cartoon characters in their gunsights.’
    • ‘This prejudice trickles all the way down to the bottom feeders, like the two plump southerners selling the kind of gunsights that project red dots onto chests or foreheads of intended victims.’
    • ‘It was boresighted with the main gun and gunsights so that it could be used to illuminate a target at night.’
    • ‘Racism, although it was a daily annoyance, was far less important to us than the fact that a well-trained enemy had the unit in his gunsights.’
    • ‘The cameras are now used in gunsights for the SA80 rifle and the Challenger II tank.’
    • ‘His invention was accidentally created while trying to make a clear plastic for gunsights.’
    • ‘Another type of ‘light’ that sells to defensive shooters is the laser gunsight.’
    • ‘Hawkins is an inventor who has perfected a highly accurate gunsight for machine guns.’
    • ‘Letting him wander alone and unarmed into the gunsights of a Senate Committee would've been like feeding a newborn kitten to sharks.’
    • ‘When you're focused on what you're doing, it's hard to get beyond the jumping gunsights to see the forest for the trees.’
    • ‘I have a lower ball turret automatic computing gunsight from a B17 bomber in very good condition.’
    • ‘The other 50 squinted through gunsights and night goggles, seeing the night as black or green.’
    • ‘It has been postulated that the body's natural dump of adrenaline in a crisis state would prevent shooters from seeing the gunsights.’
    • ‘With that he took out of his pouch a special key which he inserted into the gunsight of my Galil rifle.’