Definition of gunshot wound in English:

gunshot wound


  • A wound made by a bullet from a gun.

    ‘both victims were killed by multiple gunshot wounds’
    • ‘Inside, they found three men with gunshot wounds, who were then taken to hospital in a stable condition.’
    • ‘Others allow the free sale of guns, thus massively increasing the chance of a citizen being killed by gunshot wound.’
    • ‘Mike screamed, clutching a gunshot wound in his chest.’
    • ‘He operated on more than 800 cases of gunshot wounds affecting blood vessels.’
    • ‘In 1868, the queen's son came to New Zealand to convalesce from a gunshot wound.’
    • ‘For the first time, we've seen an abdominal operation for a gunshot wound here in the desert.’
    • ‘Neither Confederate nor Union surgeons were capable of reducing the chances of death due to gunshot wounds.’
    • ‘His son would later write the authoritative text on gunshot wounds.’
    • ‘He figured a knife wound was better than a gunshot wound.’
    • ‘He died last night of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.’