Definition of gunshot in English:



  • 1A shot fired from a gun.

    • ‘Then, she suddenly felt intense pain after hearing several gunshots from behind her.’
    • ‘For several minutes he dodges and weaves desperately avoiding gunshots and mortar fire.’
    • ‘Police say no gunshots were fired after they arrived, and no one was hurt.’
    • ‘People started panicking as more screams and gunshots sounded.’
    • ‘Six or seven gunshots were heard, but it was not clear who fired them.’
    • ‘As James' head began throbbing, he calmly told his wife not to get excited if she heard gunshots.’
    • ‘I used to hear gunshots every day and there were times when I just wanted to come home.’
    • ‘They had the police officers there from the night he was arrested to verify the threats and gunshots.’
    • ‘The exact count of the gunshots fired is unclear, but it is well over thirty.’
    • ‘The police arrive, gunshots are fired and panic breaks out as the bus passengers make a run for the border.’
    • ‘What followed was a kind of very tense standoff where gunshots were fired for about five minutes.’
    • ‘Gardaí in Claremorris are investigating an incident in which a number of gunshots were fired at a house in the town.’
    • ‘When a son is born, the father announces it to the community by firing gunshots in the air.’
    • ‘This didn't work as well as he had hoped for gunshots were soon fired, hitting the car's tires.’
    • ‘During the walk we heard the gunshots and the screams of our father.’
    • ‘The sound of gunshots and bombs awakened the dreamers to the nightmare that was real life.’
    • ‘Three rounds of gunshots were fired in the air as a mark of respect for them.’
    • ‘Most were later found to have died of gunshots to the head, fired from close range.’
    • ‘Frank was feeling too faint to even notice the gunshots being fired at him.’
    • ‘The sound of gunshots filled the air once more as the figure shot at some of the chairs, randomly, then retreated.’
    gunshots, shots, shooting, firing, sniping
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    1. 1.1archaic mass noun The range of a gun.
      ‘we bore down and came nearly within gunshot’