Definition of gunpoint in English:



in phrase at gunpoint
  • While threatening someone or being threatened with a gun.

    ‘two robbers held a family at gunpoint while they searched their house’
    • ‘One was interrogated at gunpoint and threatened by the Americans.’
    • ‘Two 16-year-old boys were among six people held at gunpoint and tied up in a restaurant robbery.’
    • ‘Years of being scared of the Subway and being mugged at gunpoint meant that somewhere I longed to visit always seemed out of reach.’
    • ‘Every week in our local newspaper we read of yet another shop or post office that has been robbed, often at gunpoint.’
    • ‘In 2001, two terrified women bank workers were hijacked in their car at gunpoint as they drove to work at the same bank.’
    • ‘He has gotten himself into many situations in small towns where he has been run out of a house at gunpoint.’
    • ‘An armed robber who terrorised staff at his local pharmacy at gunpoint to get prescribed drugs, has been jailed for six years.’
    • ‘They threatened the four at gunpoint and bundled them into a van with blacked-out windows.’
    • ‘Two intruders were involved in the raid, in which four occupants of the house were threatened at gunpoint and told to hand over money.’
    • ‘The raider made him open the bank, then threatened staff at gunpoint as they arrived for work.’
    • ‘You can't be snoring in your bedroom and at the same time be holding up innocent citizens on the beach at gunpoint.’
    • ‘Boris sought asylum in Britain after being threatened at gunpoint by Russian gangsters.’
    • ‘When he refused to give up his plans, despite being threatened at gunpoint, he was tortured.’
    • ‘Before you can even begin to get your bearings, you are pulled from the car and pushed down an alleyway at gunpoint.’
    • ‘The current problems in the local authorities cannot be solved at gunpoint as the strikes seem to believe.’
    • ‘Haggis was car-jacked at gunpoint coming out of a video store in Los Angeles.’
    • ‘He was arrested at gunpoint last October, and is in jail facing charges of tax evasion, forgery and fraud.’
    • ‘Three teenage boys were threatened at gunpoint by a youth on Wandsworth Common in two separate incidents.’
    • ‘And when players tried to get out, they were, it is alleged, ordered back in at gunpoint.’
    • ‘These children had been held at gunpoint with explosive charges placed among them.’