Definition of gunny in English:



North American
  • 1[mass noun] Coarse sacking, typically made of jute fibre.

    hessian, sacking, hopsack, hopsacking, burlap
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    1. 1.1[count noun] A sack made of gunny.
      • ‘While some cover their heads with plastic bags or gunnysacks, some simply give into the rain and let the hair down.’
      • ‘In lieu of a cheap Chinese army slicker that Maury thought too expensive, he bought himself an enormous white plastic gunnysack.’
      • ‘J.R. had just read this article in the San Antonio Express-News in which two University of Texas professors claim that in West Texas we refer to burlap bags as gunnysacks whereas in East Texas they are known as croaker sacks.’
      • ‘My Taser's all charged up, I've got me a fresh gunnysack & I'm ready to roll.’
      • ‘Being a mirthful mundivagant of sorts, I decided it was high time to don my gallant gumboots, garish gunnysack, and goose-down garb to take a gander at some far-flung places in need of my presence.’
      • ‘We traversed the entire backyard, picking up five or six hundred large walnut seeds and stuffing them into gunnysacks.’
      • ‘Other industrial activities include oil refining, and the manufacture of cement, gunnysacks, fertilizer, paper, glass, ceramics, and agricultural implements.’
      • ‘Overstuffed gunnysacks are squeezed through windows, and cash hurriedly changes hands as traders rush to unload their goods before the train leaves the station.’
      bag, pack, pouch, pocket
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Early 18th century: from Marathi gōnī, from Sanskrit goṇī sack.