Definition of gungy in English:


adjectivegungier, gungiest

  • See gunge

    • ‘Was Galloway's permanent rage going to be banked by a great gungy outpouring of slavering goodwill?’
    • ‘Mr Murray, and his wife Doris, 62, said they were left with ‘nothing but a gungy swimming pool’ at the back of his home.’
    • ‘I drew the line at eating the gungy green substance known as tomalley, which is in fact, lobster liver, considered by many to be a great delicacy.’
    • ‘But you better do something with it, otherwise it'll probably go all gungy.’
    • ‘The walls are actually painted a light terracotta but the lab has made them resemble yesterday's mustard, all dry and gungy and beginning to turn green.’