Definition of gunfight in English:



  • A fight involving an exchange of fire with guns.

    • ‘By issuing a red alert, you can get workers, guards and other employees to engage in hand to hand combat (or gunfights, if armed) with the intruders.’
    • ‘An alleged racist remark during a fight over a dog led to a street gunfight that claimed two lives in West Bank here at the weekend.’
    • ‘During the gunfight a fire broke out which immediately engulfed the neighboring houses.’
    • ‘A rag-tag band of adventurers try stop them in a breakneck-paced story blending chases and gunfights with long discussions about business, technology and natural history.’
    • ‘An armed group drove by and fired at policemen on duty, starting a gunfight, the local police said.’
    • ‘The final gunfight is delightful, though, literally a gun fight.’
    • ‘If I have it out and put it back in the holster under some duress I want it to stay put in case it goes from a gunfight to a fistfight and back to a gunfight.’
    • ‘But you can expect gunfights and fistfights galore.’
    • ‘Of course there are horses, gunfights, fistfights, saloons, and all the typical stuff you'd expect to find in a Western, but this film is more than that.’
    • ‘The rest of the less-than-TV-quality detective action story unfolds in gunfights, car chases, explosions, foot chases, fistfights, and a speedboat chase.’
    • ‘The army said he fired at troops, and a gunfight ensued.’
    • ‘He was wounded twice in different gunfights, run over by a smuggler, fought in World War I and lived a hair-raising life on the Prohibition-era Mexican border.’
    • ‘It will tell tales of frontier gunfights, buffalo hunts, Indian fights, trail drives, and stagecoaches.’
    • ‘The gunfight was started by a group of three militants who fired shots from the roof of a school near the Dutch camp, the police said.’
    • ‘From then on in, it's all clever schemes, gunfights, inter-agency politics and stuff getting blown up, all done very gritty and realistic like.’
    • ‘Come up with a case where a Western gunfighter actually undertook a gunfight with a revolver in each hand.’
    • ‘Ritzy social clubs, walled-in mansions and private schools are the norm for the wealthy, while the poor live in vast slums where unemployment runs high and gunfights are common.’
    • ‘Yes, there's better dialogue in swordplay than in gunfights.’
    • ‘On any given night, the two cops will respond to gunfights, stabbings, thefts and family fights.’
    • ‘During a pitched gunfight in a hotel, he shoots one opponent, walks past him, pauses and shoots again at point-blank range.’