Definition of gun turret in English:

gun turret


  • A low armoured tower, typically one that revolves, for a gun and gunners in a ship, aircraft, or tank.

    ‘the soldier in the gun turret was severely wounded’
    • ‘Her forward 11-inch gun turret is engulfed in smoke.’
    • ‘Despite his injuries, the vehicle operator said he'd return to his post on a gun turret in a heartbeat.’
    • ‘We need you to operate the gun turrets.’
    • ‘A massive internal explosion—probably in an ammunition magazine below a forward gun turret—had blown off her bow.’
    • ‘We were then confronted by the forward twin gun turrets, both intact.’
    • ‘At any time, players can jump into nearby vehicles or gun turrets, which is where the real magic begins.’
    • ‘The superstructure is buried up to the base of a secondary gun turret.’
    • ‘One night, he watched a drunken soldier swinging the gun turret of a tank, demanding more vodka.’
    • ‘The gun can be operated locally at the gun turret or remotely in the Combat Information Centre.’
    • ‘I can't strip all the gun turrets off every ship in the fleet.’