Definition of gun moll in English:

gun moll


  • A gangster's mistress or girlfriend.

    • ‘As Walter Matthau once noted, among her roles were ‘five gun molls, two burlesque queens, half a dozen adulteresses, and twice as many murderesses and when she was bad, she was terrific.’’
    • ‘Another Stanwyck gun moll, Sugarpuss O'Shea, moves in with some unworldly professors assembling an encyclopedia.’
    • ‘Connie Stevens plays gun moll and nightclub singer Anna Berg, who falls for one third rate gangster after another and is key in getting to the truth.’
    • ‘Scott also rocks a taut, swinging, audacious ‘Peter Gunn Theme’ that reeks of big suits, gun molls, and tough talk.’
    • ‘Toward the end of the decade he began his battles with Jack L. Warner for a shift to dramatic parts, and he married Joan Blondell, an actress who could play a gun moll or femme fatale any day of the week.’
    • ‘‘Beats the hell out of me,’ she says in the tough-guy voice she affects sometimes, as if she thinks she's a gun moll in a gangster movie.’
    • ‘We smoked in the woods where I embroidered stories about New York gangsters, and how my mother was going to prison for being a gun moll, and how when she got out we were going to California where there was a million dollars hidden in a cave.’
    • ‘I mean I carry the machine gun - that is, I did in high school when I played Bonnie in the play and got to be his gun moll and right hand girl.’
    lover, girlfriend, paramour, kept woman, live-in lover
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