Definition of gun deck in English:

gun deck


  • 1A deck on a ship on which guns are placed.

    • ‘By Christmas the new bridge wing, gun deck and other sponsons had been replaced, and shortly after all the wiring and ship's fittings were replaced and set to work.’
    • ‘When they entered the gun deck, the men were already seated at tables with squares covered with food.’
    • ‘After a moment's hesitation, he led her to the aft and down a ladder to the gun deck.’
    • ‘The main gun, Oto Melara 76 mm Super Rapid, installed on the forward gun deck, provides defence against surface and airborne targets.’
    • ‘She continued her creep until she came to the gun deck.’
    • ‘With three great gun decks, she had a formidable array of firepower, with 100 guns, thirty 32-pounders, thirty 24-pounders, thirty-four 12-pounders and fourteen 32-pounder carronades, serving a crew of 891 officers and men.’
    • ‘He closed his eyes and envisioned her face smiling sweetly across the gun deck.’
    • ‘He left the room, still guilty and shaking as he stepped down to the gun deck, especially as he passed the feared quartermaster, and though she as good as ignored him, he felt somehow as though she knew.’
    • ‘From the gun deck of the flagship, I saw each of our four carriers hit, some on the first day, Easter Sunday, 1 April 1945.’
    • ‘When we're homing in on a suspect ship Caspar keeps an eagle eye from the gun deck, eager to get out there and do his job.’
    • ‘The tableau for the Tudor period is the gun deck of an English warship.’
    • ‘Matthews returned to the gun deck and could be heard shouting the order.’
    • ‘The gun decks were silent except for the breathing of the men and the gunnery Sergeant pacing across the deck.’
    • ‘He held her hand all the way to the gun deck where they stopped to speak to Archie.’
    • ‘Between the sick berth and the officer's quarters lay the gun deck.’
    • ‘A portion of the crew detached itself and headed below to the gun deck.’
    • ‘It got cold on the gun decks and the indentations in the brass monkey would get smaller than the iron cannonballs they were holding.’
    • ‘She sighed irritably when no one presented either of these, but even as she did, Jacqueline's head bobbed up from the gun deck.’
    • ‘The last formed the main gun deck, while other cannon were mounted on the lower, semicircular lunettes (outer towers) set around the tower's exterior.’
    • ‘The ship's main gun is an Oto Melara 76 mm gun installed on the forward gun deck.’
    1. 1.1historical The lowest gun deck on a ship of the line.