Definition of gun carriage in English:

gun carriage


  • A wheeled support for a piece of artillery.

    • ‘His casket, draped with an Australian flag, was carried to the grave on top of a gun carriage towed by an army vehicle decked with flowers.’
    • ‘Throughout what must have been one of the saddest days in his life he looked bereft - and sadness filled his face as he trailed the gun carriage bearing his grandmother's body.’
    • ‘As representatives from practically every regimental association in the city walked behind the gun carriage, the newspaper vendors, many of them disabled ex-servicemen, brought up the rear.’
    • ‘Eight guardsmen carefully lifted the coffin from the gun carriage when it reached Parliament and carried it on their shoulders into the building.’
    • ‘At one time he sat astride the gun carriage as it was wheeled around the town until it ran out of control in Lansdowne Avenue and crashed into a tree.’
    • ‘The use of the gun carriage, the ceremonial guard and the lining of the streets, are traditions that date back to the time of Nelson.’
    • ‘The privilege accorded the Navy to draw the gun carriage at Royal funerals was established during the funeral of Queen Victoria in 1901, where the gun carriage was to be drawn by horses of the Royal Artillery.’
    • ‘The service began amid heavy security with prayers at a mosque in a military compound and ended with a procession, his flag-draped casket set on a horse-drawn gun carriage and followed by a crowd of presidents and kings.’
    • ‘The gun carriage halts outside the Abbey's West Gate.’
    • ‘Massed pipes and drums from 14 regiments accompanied the gun carriage bearing the Queen Mother from Westminster Hall to the Abbey in a moving spectacle of pomp and pageantry.’
    • ‘‘The body, which was encased in a plain oak coffin, rested on a gun carriage drawn by powerful black steeds in funeral trappings,’ said a contemporary newspaper report.’
    • ‘Many hundreds of mourners from all three services helped provide a fitting tribute, which included full Naval honours, including a gun carriage and firing party.’
    • ‘When the gun carriage itself comes past we will present arms to pay our compliments to the Queen Mother and other members of the Royal Family travelling behind the coffin.’
    • ‘European artillery manuals were translated and US forces began to use the single or stock trail gun carriage, which they used throughout the Civil War.’
    • ‘During the Balkan campaign he was punished by being tied to the wheel of a gun carriage, crucifixion-style, for two hours a day in what was known as field punishment No 1.’
    • ‘A state funeral is one at which sailors draw the gun carriage (dating from the horses bolting at Queen Victoria's obsequies); at a ceremonial funeral it is drawn by horses.’
    • ‘The next time I want to cross London I will find a taxi driver with a gun carriage and a flag.’
    • ‘The coffin will rest at the chapel until Friday, when it will be taken on a horse-drawn gun carriage in a half-mile procession of pomp and ceremony, involving 1,600 servicemen and women, to Westminster Hall.’
    • ‘On the morning of 11 November 1920 the Unknown Warrior was drawn in a procession to the Cenotaph in London, on a gun carriage pulled by six black horses.’
    • ‘Nine senior Royals, led by the Duke of Edinburgh, will walk behind the coffin as it is borne by a gun carriage from Westminster Hall, accompanied by the Massed Pipes and Drums of 13 regiments.’


gun carriage