Definition of gun barrel in English:

gun barrel


  • The metal tube of a gun, through which the shot is discharged.

    ‘keep your gun barrel pointed in the right direction’
    • ‘For a long time, I've been curious about how gun barrels are actually manufactured.’
    • ‘In the standard position, the patient enters the magnet from the end, much like a bullet goes through a gun barrel.’
    • ‘A valve seat defined in the gun barrel communicates with the plenum.’
    • ‘Bullets are intentionally made a bit too wide to fit easily through gun barrels.’
    • ‘No longer do I spend a lot of time trying to remove leading from the gun barrel.’
    • ‘Everything else was a sea of camouflage netting with the occasional gun barrel or radio antennae poking through.’
    • ‘Improvements in metallurgy, for example, created stronger gun barrels.’
    • ‘All he had to do was fire the occasional accurate shot into the severed gun barrels, causing further cataclysmic explosions.’
    • ‘The surface of the grey basalt stone bear has been fluted to represent the original fur-trade gun barrels.’
    • ‘Ericsson developed a stronger gun barrel using wrought iron.’