Definition of gumshield in English:



  • A pad or plate held in the mouth by a sports player to protect the teeth and gums.

    • ‘Right, I'm off to burn my mouth by trying to mould a gumshield to it following instructions written in Spanish.’
    • ‘If you have a fixed appliance, you must wear a gumshield during contact sports.’
    • ‘The furious former champ almost started the third without his gumshield.’
    • ‘Two rounds later, though, Tyson was where he had never been before - on all fours, groping for his gumshield.’
    • ‘Every four years, the best players in British Isles rugby pack their gumshields and head off on tour to test themselves against the giants of the southern hemisphere.’
    • ‘At the end of the third, all his teeth are in the gumshield.’
    • ‘Early in the eighth, Harrison knocked Medina's gumshield clean out of his mouth, and the writing was on the wall.’
    • ‘The French referee awarded a total of 34 penalties in a game which saw the lead change eight times, several sin binnings, a sending-off and a player hurling his gumshield at the referee in disgust.’
    • ‘They used to stare over steaming scrums for 80 minutes; gnarling, sneering and baring their gumshields to the world.’
    • ‘So I sent for 55 black-and-white, zig-zag gumshields and that was the hoot, that was what got the youngsters interested.’
    • ‘The BBC interviews the woman who made Britain's silver-medal-winning boxer's gumshield.’
    • ‘When Wenton's gumshield flew out of his mouth Parris could do nothing else but signal that the fight was over because the Englishman was in no position to continue and defend himself.’
    • ‘By the same token, boxing is a transposition of a noble pursuit of post-pub Britain into an artificial environment of padded gloves and gumshields.’
    • ‘And if you like your comedy to pack a punch then get your gumshield in now.’
    • ‘This was about five years ago, in the Transport Club in Glasgow's Bridgeton and, over sweat and gumshields they talked about setting up a management and promotions company.’