Definition of gumnut in English:



  • The woody seed case of a eucalyptus tree.

    ‘pressing the gumnuts and pine cones into clay kept the kids busy for quite some time’
    • ‘We had noticed that the gumnuts have an interesting star-shaped pattern in their centre.’
    • ‘They learn about the environment by using gumnuts in craft.’
    • ‘We find ourselves taming small shrubs of wildflowers, billy buttons, gumnuts and orchids and arranging them poking out of a foam brick.’
    • ‘Pressing the gumnuts and pinecones into clay kept the kids busy for quite some time.’
    • ‘You might replace the natural hessian and wooden beads with dyed hessian trimmed with gumnuts or shells.’
    • ‘This pattern pack contains all the information you need to paint your own beautiful bunch of Eucalyptus gumnuts and blossoms on any surface.’
    • ‘She said the footpaths around her house were useless because the gum trees' roots had lifted them and gumnuts made them slippery.’
    • ‘Her boy had got a gumnut caught in his bellybutton.’
    • ‘The ground was covered with decayed gumnuts.’
    • ‘The rustic Australian look combines grassy golds, eucalyptus greens, gumnut browns and kangaroo greys.’


Mid 19th century: from gum + nut.