Definition of gumboot dance in English:

gumboot dance


  • (in South Africa) a dance developed and performed by mineworkers, mimicking military marching.

    • ‘Yet for those of a traditional dance bent, there is stomping galore, gyrating bodies, later complemented by one of the most elaborate routines of gumboot dances.’
    • ‘Expect contortionists, capoeira, local art stars Chang and Valerio's video-lip-synch performance, breakdancing girls, circus acts, opera singers, a gumboot dance, flaming devil sticks and yes, more spoken word.’
    • ‘Maybe you'll do the gumboot dance at your victory dinner.’
    • ‘Another routine is a gumboot dance, done in bright orange and yellow overalls, off the shoulders and tied at the waist, and bright scarves tied around the performers' heads - great.’
    • ‘Finally, African Thunderstorm performs a gumboot dance called Life Style.’
    • ‘A distinct urban presence, innovators in dress and urban magic, they were probably originators of the gumboot dance where teams of men stamp and slap their boots in complex rhythms.’