Definition of gumboil in English:



  • A small swelling formed on the gum over an abscess at the root of a tooth.

    • ‘They are very effective in mouth ulcers, gumboils and in pyorrohea.’
    • ‘A drink made by infusion of the bark in hot water is thought to have a tonic effect on the liver when it is afflicted by cold, and rinsing the mouth with this liquid is thought to heal gumboils, strengthen the gums, and ease toothache.’
    • ‘Mercurius colds have a very sore throat and thick yellow discharges that leave nose, eyes and even ears raw and may trigger Mercurius typical mouth problems like gumboils, a metallic taste and very, very bad breath.’
    • ‘These were used for many purposes in dentistry: to stop excessive bleeding, for early root canal treatment, for gumboils, and for toothache.’
    • ‘Sometimes the infection spreads into the bone through the root tips and forms a gumboil [periapical infection].’
    • ‘If the abscess is not treated, the infection may make a channel from the tooth to the surface of the gum, and a painful swelling known as a gumboil may form.’
    • ‘The bark, rubbed up in rice-water mixed with cumin-seed, is a cure for gumboils and toothache.’
    • ‘Mouth ulcers (traditionally called gumboils) are not well understood, but are associated with Herpes Simplex.’
    • ‘But to us dissidents that gumboil was a symbol of his apartness from the pack.’
    • ‘Dulcie Lewis, an expert in old English folk cures, says: ‘Oil of cloves has always been applied to the gums for toothache or gumboils.’’
    • ‘Because of risk of blood poisoning, consult your doctor if there is no improvement in 12 hours if a gumboil bursts, or if abscess seems to be enlarging rapidly; antibiotics may be prescribed to prevent infection spreading.’
    • ‘Violet leaves were used for swellings, and a brew of camomile flowers was useful in cases of sleeplessness-and gumboils!’
    • ‘The roasted fruit is emollient and used as a poultice in the treatment of gumboils, dental abscesses etc.’
    • ‘An abscess may form (‘gumboil’), sometimes with facial swelling, fever, and illness.’
    • ‘The bulb on the end of this cautery (brass tag number 267: 19) was heated and applied to tissue to treat a variety of dental ills, including tooth decay and gumboils.’
    • ‘I get these gumboils if I eat any amount of wheat at all.’
    sore, ulceration, open sore, abscess, boil, carbuncle, pustule, blister, cyst, wen
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