Definition of gumball in English:



North American
  • A ball of chewing gum, typically with a coloured sugar coating.

    • ‘If I gave Roger and crew even a dollar, I'd feel like I wasted a buck that could have been better invested in a gumball machine.’
    • ‘Coin operated, the gumball machine will stand handsomly on your desk until your sweet tooth needs a fix.’
    • ‘I thought of the town whenever I tasted a black gumball.’
    • ‘The retro gumball machine stands 15 inches high and comes complete with glass bowl and red or black metal base.’
    • ‘He would give me a penny to get a gumball, tell me not to tell my mother, and on we would go.’
    • ‘Out rolled my gumball.’
    • ‘Along the route the rocks range anywhere from gumball size to golf ball size and larger.’
    • ‘I remember bugging my mother for a penny in the garage so I could get a gumball.’
    • ‘You can't even get a gumball for 14 cents.’
    • ‘In the trillion-trillionth of a second after the big bang, the universe expanded from the size of a gumball to astronomical proportions, according to the inflation theory.’
    • ‘He pops a strawberry gumball into his mouth, then reconsiders his choice.’
    • ‘He made me reminisce of my times at Stereo and he gave me a gumball in the coat-check line.’
    • ‘Then Precis and Claude take a ride on the aforementioned giant robot gumball.’
    • ‘I pulled a green gumball off the roof to eat, and the roof cracked and collapsed.’
    • ‘Concord Confections' Dubble Babble introduces what is probably the largest gumball on the market.’
    • ‘I wondered just how drunk a person would have to be to buy a gumball from that thing.’
    • ‘I have a gall stone the size of a gumball.’
    • ‘Suggested retail for the individually wrapped gumball, in assorted fruit flavors, ranges 69-79 cents.’
    • ‘Gumball machines decorated the shelves and children could still buy gummies for one cent.’
    • ‘"Get up," she commanded with all the power and authority of a gumball.’