Definition of gully-raker in English:



NZ, Australian
  • 1A person who steals unbranded livestock.

    ‘with heifers at that price, it was worthwhile to be a gully-raker’
    • ‘A gully raker had been rounding up 20 to 30 stray cows with their calves.’
    • ‘It was these early gully rakers who set the mark of what a stockman must aspire to.’
    • ‘A cattle duffer or cattle shaker or gully-raker steals cattle, just as a rustler does, but in a significantly different cultural context.’
    • ‘Grabbing one of the pillows from behind her, she threw it at him. “Rotten gully-raker!"’
    • ‘The ordinary cattle stealer, also known as a gully raker, was not likely to get his name in the history books as a bushranger.’
  • 2A person who searches for surface gold.

    ‘many were simply gully-rakers, prepared just to scratch out enough gold to maintain the barest of livings’
    • ‘On all goldfields the hatter, the fossicker and the gully raker were a feature.’
    • ‘I am a late-comer into this field, a gully-raker in the historical detritus of a rich lode of stories.’
    • ‘The "tin-scratcher" or "gully-raker" is the man who works up on the surface.’