Definition of gulden in English:



  • another term for guilder
    • ‘Although these conditions seem strict by today's standards, they were typical of the time and earned the composer some 600 gulden a year with other benefits.’
    • ‘One of the reasons is that there were three different currencies in use in Germany during the war - the thaler, the mark and the gulden.’
    • ‘Spain's contribution to her Habsburg's cousin was a mere 1.9 million gulden while the pope, who saw the Emperor as the defender of Catholicism, provided just 900,000 gulden.’
    • ‘This appointment, which involved teaching arithmetic and geometry, gave Rheticus a salary of 100 gulden.’
    • ‘The island's unit of currency is the Aruban guilder or gulden.’
    • ‘In 1448, soon after his return to Mainz, Gutenberg borrowed 150 gulden from Johannes Fust - at that time a sum equivalent to five years' income of an average peasant.’
    • ‘The Austrian national debt in gulden rose from 372m. in 1790 to 658m. in 1800 and 1,011m. in 1821.’


Dutch and German, literally ‘golden’.