Definition of guide rope in English:

guide rope


  • A rope used to guide the movement of the load of a crane.

    • ‘He also invented the tail rope system which Poe describes in this tale, to conserve more gas by lifting or lowering the guide rope accordingly.’
    • ‘There was a tense moment when a sharp snapping sound rang through Ready but it was only one of the guide ropes that guided the steel hawser back onto the drum giving way.’
    • ‘The Brazilian shouted to those handling the guide rope to pull against the wind, and he landed unhurt.’
    • ‘The work platform is attached to the guide ropes by two further ropes which are slidable along the guide ropes by means of releasable hooks.’
    • ‘And he told them he changed that for himself and that he forgot to put the guide rope where it belonged when he left.’
    • ‘If you look closely at the above image, you should be able to see the guide ropes used to steady the centre section as it is lifted.’
    • ‘He clutched the guide rope with both hands, surprised that it didn't snap from the tension.’
    • ‘On each cage, there are bolted ‘shoes’ that surround the guide ropes and thus allow the cage to slide up and down the shaft.’