Definition of guidance in English:



mass noun
  • 1Advice or information aimed at resolving a problem or difficulty, especially as given by someone in authority.

    ‘he looked to his father for inspiration and guidance’
    • ‘Her work was supervised by a tutor, whom she visited regularly for advice and guidance.’
    • ‘The fact that we have to contend with is that both sides could appeal to the Bible for enlightenment and guidance.’
    • ‘The teachers at the school have also been very helpful in giving us advice and guidance.’
    • ‘That guidance is in a different format from the earlier guidance to which I have referred.’
    • ‘The Authority has issued guidance, which is under review, on the making of applications.’
    • ‘The result is that there is no remotely authoritative guidance on how we should live within society.’
    • ‘A man or a woman of little intelligence in a backward country needs spiritual guidance.’
    • ‘The role of males is changing and we find men are often looking for a sense of purpose and some guidance.’
    • ‘It is difficult to find clear guidance on how much time doctors should spend talking to relatives.’
    • ‘Rater training was absent, and guidance consisted of short written instructions.’
    • ‘It is not an attempt to find fault but to help through mentoring and providing guidance and advice.’
    • ‘Businesses in each area can go to their home authority for preventive guidance and advice.’
    • ‘Evelyn was always glad to lend advice and encouragement to all who sought her guidance.’
    • ‘She gives advice, guidance, help, and motivation to her students at City College.’
    • ‘It should go some of the way to help fill the void in providing useful and high quality careers advice and guidance.’
    • ‘If you want to receive a little bit of guidance, I suggest you look to the individual lists.’
    • ‘Offering advice and guidance via the quarterly newsletter would be a good start.’
    • ‘We want step-by-step guidance on this recommendation if we are to explore it further.’
    • ‘This person is someone whom you should be able to look to for advice and guidance.’
    • ‘Central government circulars also contain advice and guidance to local authorities.’
    advice, counsel, direction, instruction, teaching, counselling, enlightenment, intelligence, information
    direction, control, leadership, management, supervision, superintendence, government, regulation, orchestration, charge, rule, command
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  • 2The directing of the motion or position of something, especially an aircraft, spacecraft, or missile.

    as modifier ‘a laser guidance system’
    • ‘The newer system uses a much smaller missile with an infrared terminal guidance system.’
    • ‘All communications are knocked out and long-range missile guidance systems no longer operate.’
    • ‘A specially developed radio-frequency catheter is placed inside the affected vein under ultrasound guidance.’
    • ‘Missile guidance is provided by an inertial navigation system, supported by stellar navigation.’
    • ‘Ballistics influences many fields of study ranging from analyzing a curve ball to developing missile guidance systems.’
    • ‘It is thought that some kind of guidance system will have to be devised if a helicopter is tried again.’
    • ‘Using ultrasound guidance, vascular surgeons insert a thin wire into the saphenous vein.’
    • ‘No studies compared two dimensional ultrasound guidance as a single procedure against surgical cut-down.’
    • ‘The two alleles that cause the most severe axon guidance defects have strikingly different mutations.’
    • ‘In this chapter, we deal with axon guidance in the central and peripheral nervous system.’
    direction, control, leadership, management, supervision, superintendence, government, regulation, orchestration, charge, rule, command
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